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  Anônimo asked: what episode is this? /post/49392223728

Yes, anon. Episode 12 from 7th season. 

  Anônimo asked: what episode is? can u help? post/89387886077

Sure! The especial episode - The Day Of The Doctor.

  Anônimo asked: oh darlings, more karen gillan to us, please!

Of course! I really like Karen, I will search some pictures right know.

x   Martha Jones       x   Freema Agyeman       x   doctor who       x   captures       
x   Martha Jones       x   Freema Agyeman       x   doctor who       x   captures       
x   david tennant       x   Tenth Doctor       x   doctor who       x   captures       
x   doctor who       x   doctor who caps       x   captures       x   catherine tate       x   david tennant       x   Tenth Doctor       x   Donna Noble       
x   matt smith       x   doctor who       x   doctor who caps       x   captures       x   eleventh doctor       
x   matt smith       x   david tennant       x   doctor who       x   doctor who caps       x   captures       x   eleventh doctor       x   Tenth Doctor       
x   billie piper       x   john hurt       x   doctor who       x   doctor who caps       x   captures       x   bad wolf       x   the doctor